Monsour Vacation Homes & Sheep Farm

As a boy, Jack always wanted to be a farmer. The time he spent in the country with his grandparents helped to form his dream. After Jack and Kathy married and started their family, they moved from the Pittsburgh area and purchased a 17 acre farmette in Bedford County and began to farm. Their shared Middle Eastern heritage led them to raise a few sheep. Kathy loves to carry on the traditions of their families by cooking with lamb. Quality, mild lamb was difficult to find – so they raised their own. The farm began in 1979.

Through the years opportunities arose to purchase more land and to increase their farming enterprise. They have pieced together contiguous land and now own 600 acres of beautiful, rolling farmland. Older farm homes came with the land and with Jack’s expertise in building and Kathy’s talent for decorating the homes were restored and converted into vacation homes.

Monsour Farms LLC is now a 600 acre sheep and cattle ranch. They have a flock of 800 North Country Cheviots and a small herd of Scottish Highlander cattle. Their sons, Jackson and Burton are partners in the farm and will insure the farm continues into the next generation. All of the animals are raised on lush pastures and grown naturally. They boast that their farm has a 0 carbon footprint. The Farmstead store on the farm provides both lamb and beef along with wool items to local customers and guests visiting the farm.

For 20 years Jack and Kathy have operated 3 different vacation homes year round and enjoy the new guests on the farm along with the many returning guests. Guests have a view of the Monsour’s lifestyle – the dedication to the animals and the land and the beauty of Bedford County.

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